Siekiame tausoti mus supančią aplinką

Mums rūpi žmonės kurie gamina mūsų produktus ir žmonės kurie juos naudoja, nes viskas pasaulyje susiję.

Mes tiekdami tvarius aukštos kokybės izoliacijos sprendimus, siekiant padidinti pastatų energinį efektyvumą, mes nuolat siekiame patobulinti gamybos ir tiekimo veiklą, kad pagerintume kokybę ir sumažintume neigiamą poveikį aplinkai. Visose "Knauf Insulation" gamybos vietose yra „state-of-the-art“ gamybos įranga ir ji atitinka aukščiausius kokybės standartus, taip pat mes remiame nuolatines mokslinių tyrimų ir plėtros programas.

Būtami rinkos lyderiais ir nuolatiniais inovatoriais, kokybiškos kompetencijos ir tvarumo pagrindas yra viskas, ką mes darome; nors mes daug dėmesio skyrėme mūsų gaminių šiluminiam našumui, mūsų tvarumo siekis turi daug platesnį reikšmę:


Gamtinių išteklių tausojimas:

  • Maksimaliai padidinę perdirbto stiklo kiekį gaminant mūsų produktus, mes sumažinome natūralių mineralinių žaliavų poreikį. Gamindami stiklo mineralinę vatą naudojame iki 80% perdirbtų medžiagų.

  • Mūsų revoliucinis biologinis rišiklis pagal ECOSE® technologija – nenaudojami naftos produktai.
  • Kaip dar vienas indėlis į gamtos išteklių išsaugojimą, pastaruoju metu mes sumažinome naudojamų padėklų svorį, sutaupydami apie 2 kg kiekvienam padėklui, taip išsaugoma apie 5000 medžių per metus.

Mūsų gamybos procesų poveikis aplinkai.

  • The use of recycled glass in our Glass Mineral and Blowing Wool insulation solutions also reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions at our manufacturing facilities.
  • In addition to conserving natural resources, our ECOSE® Technology is also up to 70% less energy intensive than traditional binders, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions at our manufacturing facilities.
  • All our facilities are regulated under pollution control regulations, and their environmental permits impose strict limits on emissions to air and water. By the end of 2016, Knauf Insulation, as a group had reduced CO2 emissions by 25%, energy use by 21% and discharges to water by almost 50% per cubic metre of product, against a baseline of 2010 performance levels. 
  • All our facilities are certified to ISO14001 and ISO50001, standards which respectively require continuous improvement in overall environmental performance and energy efficiency.
  • We avoid waste and prevent pollution, we also we segregate factory waste to meet our expectation of sending zero waste to landfill from our UK plants. One challenge we face is that using more recycled material as input increases emissions of sulphur dioxide to air.

Treating people fairly, along the supply chain:

  • Our commitment to fair and safe working practices in our own facilities are embedded in our code of conduct, and reflected in the OHSAS 18001 certification covering all our production sites.
  • We are also committed to fair dealing with our suppliers and contractors: our code of conduct also encompasses zero tolerance of bribery and corruption, while our work to ensure safe and legal operations in our supply chain has enabled us to achieve certification to the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE's) responsible sourcing standard BES6001.

Delivering product efficiently:

  • Our industry-leading compression-packaging technology allows us to load more product onto each truck that leaves our factories. This means fewer vehicles on our roads, so less emissions of greenhouse gases and less disturbance at construction sites. It also means that our product takes up less space at our distributors' and while awaiting installation.

Building a comfortable and healthy indoor environment:

  • The excellent thermal, acoustic and fire performance of our products has already been highlighted. These all contribute to a comfortable indoor environment. But indoor air quality is increasingly becoming an important issue for many clients. Our ECOSE® Technology ensures low emissions of volatile substances that can affect indoor air quality.
  • Our products' excellent performance is attested by certification by Eurofins to its "Indoor Air Quality Gold" performance standard. 

Performance reporting:

  • The overall environmental performance of our products is reported in the Environmental Product Declarations that are available for all our products. These are verified by an independent third-party, and comply with the European standard EN15804.
  • They're also registered with the Europe-wide ECO-Platform.
  • Our Glass Mineral Wool and Blowing Wool products are - in addition - registered in the BRE's UK-specific Certified Environmental Profiles scheme. The majority of our products, both Glass and Rock Mineral Wool, are rated A+ in the BRE Green Guide.


  • All of these elements are recognised in Green Building Rating Systems like BREEAM and LEED, as well as the core performance characteristics of Knauf Insulation. As a result, using Knauf Insulation’s products can help secure credits in up to seven different categories in both LEEDv4 and BREEAM NC 2014 - Hea 04 Thermal comfort; Hea 05 Acoustic performance; Ene 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions;  Mat 01 Life cycle impacts;  Mat 03 Responsible sourcing of materials; Wst 01 Construction waste management; Pol 05 Reduction of noise pollution; and Hea 02 Indoor air quality.
  • To help specifiers working in LEED- and BREEAM-registered projects get the most recognition for using Knauf Insulation’s products, we produce BREEAM and LEED factsheets which show just which credits are available for each product type and also provide the necessary supporting evidence – click here to access.
  • In addition, the majority of our products, both Glass and Rock Mineral Wool fall into the A+ category of the BRE Green Guide Rating.
  • Need BREEAM credits? Download our useful information sheets which illustrate where our products contribute to BREEAM credits:

          Parsisiųsti Mineralinės vatos BREEAM sertifikatą

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